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Timeline Meeting                                        Date: May 15, 2017

Changes Take Effect on:

May 13, 2017

Date of Ratification


Shift Differential

Double Time over 16 hours worked


June 1, 2017

Sick Leave- 31 hours –Adjusted Rate for remainder of the 96 hrs. in CY 17.


Sick Leave Supplement

SLA’s process update for Sick Leave Supplement

OMD briefed on written requests for additional testing and payment of same


PHS+ Medical Necessity turned off tentative date NLT July 13, 2017 (60 days)

FMLA process brought in house for PGU tentative date NLT July 13, 2017 (60 days)


LTD changes


Termination Pay Changes


Probationary Period (Starting next New Hire Class)


Vacation and Holiday Slot Percentages

Special Shifts allowed using 8 hrs Vacation in lieu of Core hrs per day.


Group Holidays Changes to include Double Time

9 hour Holiday pay to include Night Shift Diff. for Holidays worked on Night Shift


Special Shifts –Floating Holiday

MTC alignment of Holidays


Overtime Call Out Procedures and Scheduling Errors

Red Time

Updated OT hours posted by SAC every Monday

Inclement Weather


June 19, 2017

Physical Training Relief Guidelines


January 1, 2018

Medical, Vision, and Dental Insurance

Military Leave of Absence

Bid Procedures (Includes the 2018 Annual Bids posted in November 2017)Type your paragraph here.