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Pantex Guards Union

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The aspirations of the Union are to construct an organization which shall subserve the best interest of all its members, to promote the interest of the membership, and to elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions of each of its members.  The purpose or purposes for which the Union is organized is to better the conditions of workers, improve the grade of their products, develop a higher degree of efficiency in their respective occupations and to protect and promote the interests of the members by bargaining collectively with their employers to secure better working conditions and to do all things necessary and pertinent to accomplish the Union’s purposes.  The objectives of the Union are to secure terms and conditions of employment for harmonious relations between us and our employer based on equity, justice and fair dealing.  For the successful accomplishment of the ends desired by the Union, and for the due regulation of business connected therewith, this Constitution and By-Laws is hereby framed.

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